iPhone 4S – Should you get one?

iPhone 4S is sure attracting lots of attention online. This all new iPhone while similar to its iPhone 4 physically, is actually packed with more power internally. Four main features to look out for:

  1. A5 dual core processor (the same processor that powers the iPad 2)
  2. 8 MP camera with new CMOS sensor – time to throw away that point and shoot camera?
  3. Dual Antenna – to solve the ‘grip of death’ problem of iPhone 4
  4. Siri – your voice command butler that may not understand Singlish (wonder if Apple is working on this…hmm…)

If you have a iPhone 4, probably it will probably be better to wait for the real next-gen iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be announced Q1 next year.

Here’s another more in-depth review from CNET for iPhone 4s



Here’s a video that showcased the potential problem with Siri for Singaporean. Siri doesn’t understand accent well! I really pity the Japanese in the video..

Spoiler: Jump to 0:57 and see how Siri misinterpret this Japanese.

Of course, it is make for the American and British accent but what about user outside this two countries? May Mr Brown’s Simi will serve us better!

Siri has a sense of humor too! See the video below:


When is iPhone 4S coming out?

iPhone 4s is coming to Singapore on all three telcos on the 28th of October 2011. Check out the individual telcos for their iPhone 4S offer.

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