GameStart 2018 is more than just playing game

Into it’s 5th edition, this year GameStart 2018 has us all excited at GameTrader.SG. For a start, GameStart 2018 has debuted its very own MasterClasses where game developers can get to meet and learn from the very best in the gaming industry. Speakers include Carlo Arellano who has provided concepts, textures and models for many popular Video Game such as World of Warcraft, Ratchet and Clank and God of War.

For those who missed the master classes or are gamers more than game developers, you can also meet some of the famous personalities behind you favourite games. Motohiro Okubo, the Producer of Soulcalibur VI was at the first day of the event. For the second day, Kaname Fujioka, the Executive Directory/ Art Director behind the super popular action RPG Monster Hunter: World will be there to give you more insights on the game development behind this title. Voice actress, Elise Zhang who provided the voice of Mei from Overwatch is at the event as well at her meet and greet booth.

Motohiro Okubo, Producer of Soulcalibur VI at GameStart 2018

Esports is upsized again this year. SEA Major 2018 Tournament, the major Esports tournament running at GameStart since 2016, is Southeast Asia’s largest fighting game tournament that is not to be missed. Tournaments includes Dragon Ball FighterZ SAGA Event, Tekken 7 and Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals. Meanwhile SEA Mobile Major features Shadowverse Contenders cup where competitors fight for the right to represent their region at the Shadowverse World Grand Prix in Japan.

SEA Mobile Major – Shadowverse Contenders cup
SEA Major has many gamers glued to the screen to watch the tournament

Tabletop gamers will be happy to know that GameStart Tabletop has returned again this year. Doujin Market is also located at the area together with Indiezone.


Cosplayers can enter for free at GameStart events. So the number of cosplayer significantly increased this year. For those who like to see your favourite game/anime characters in life, this event will be one that you would want to go.

Morrigan Cosplayer
Street Fighter Cosplayers


GameStart 2018 is happening now at Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401-403 from 13th Oct 2018 to 14th Oct 2018.

A Lego Star Wars Computer Desk that you can admire and play


“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”, the iconic phrase that all Star Wars fans would know. Many of us would have bought one or more Star Wars merchandises and memorabilias over the years. Be it a model Death Stars or a Lego Millennium Falcon, the main issue with them is where best to display them at home. Most of the time, they may just be kept in boxes and get chucked in a corner of the store room. Or be sitting on selves collecting dusts. Today, we found out a practical way for display them while not wasting space at home!

This fully functional PC works as a good home entertainment system

Introducing, the Star Wars Built-in Glass Top Computer Desk by NXND computer! A fully functional desktop build within a fully exposed glass table, this computer is part art and part gaming rig. Powered by AMD Ryzen 1600x processor and PowerColor RX580 Red Devil graphic card, this machine is capable of powering most modern game in high fidelity graphic. The liquid cooling system extends throughout the table is a perfect match for the Star Wars Lego hangar that house two Lego X-Wings. It is the most challenging part of building the rig as it involves laying the pipes in a practical yet aesthetic manner.

A top view of the Lego Rebel Hangar

According to NXND, this computer desk used to have three 27″ inch screen but now has a single 46″ screen. The 7.1 sound is driven by Yamaha RX-V573, perfect for your movie and game. All in all, the desktop cost around SGD10,000 to build. Not bad consider that it is a functional computer, table and a piece of art that you can enjoy looking at.

No, I am your father.

Right now, this Computer Desk is with one of the founder of NXND. It’s worthwhile to mention that he has many other Star Wars Lego models that he hangs up around his room for a more complete Star Wars experience. He may soon get a Death Star to further expand his Star Wars themed room. He is also a Gundam fan and plans to have his collection up for display soon. This is truly a man’s cave!

Star Destroyers around the room
The built-in CPU

About NXND Computer

NXND Computer is a computer/gaming company that is started by four good friends who grew up in the 2000s during the era of LAN shops and Counterstrike. Beside selling BBen line of gaming laptop, NXND also do customized computer like the one you see above. You can get some of their wares from the Carousell page as well.


This is not a sponsored post but a sharing on this cool Glass Top Computer Desk by NXND. 🙂

Two day of fun for Pop Culture Lovers

This is the weekend for all lovers of Pop Culture. Anime, Game, Comic and Toy fan can get to enjoy two full days of fun and shopping at one of Singapore’s biggest and most popular event, Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention which is now happening at Sands Expo. 

The very talented James C.Mulligan and his Disney Paintings.

Toys and toys

These are toys meant for the big kids. It is very rare for one to find such a full display of figurines at a single place. Our favourite this year is the Shogun Batman which comes with switchable arms.

XM Studio has a long line-up of impressive figurines displayed in the middle of the showfloor. Each item on display is a collectible on it’s own. So while you may not have the money to buy all of them home, you should definitely take as many pictures as you can.

An entire line for your eyes to feast upon!

Be sure to also visit Tamashii Nation booth which has a dark room toy display.

Be a Jedi

Fight Saber Singapore is a local club that where you can actually learn how to fight with an actual Light Saber! These Light Sabers used are not your usual fragile collector’s item. They are built for actual Light Saber fight! Visit their booth to find out more.

Singapore Pavilion

The indie gaming industry in Singapore while small, is a growing fairly quick in recently year. Singapore Games Guild started by a group of passionate gamers aims to support holistic game developers. If you are a budding indie developer or interested in local indie games this is a booth you must visit. Located right in the middle of the GGXP area besides the free play zone. Try out some of these indies game built by our local talent. You will be surprise by the high quality of some of these games.

Support local game developer!

Stage Performance

There are two stage area to visit. The main stage located within STGCC and the smaller Akiba stage. Don’t let the smaller stage fool you. The amount of energy is insane! You should definitely not miss the performance at the Akiba stage. 

Idols Performing at Akiba Stage

Feel the energy at STGCC Main Stage

Cosplay Galore

What’s STGCC without cosplayer. Be sure to ask for permission before taking their photo like our editor here 🙂

Dr Strange 

Green and Black Ranger rivalry

Spidermen making mask with kids

Celebrity Cosplayer

Olivia Mears and her wonderful cosplay (pun intended)


Good Game Experience

A dedicated to games and gamers, this area where you will find everything related to games. There is a free play zone And of course, this is the first time GameTrader.SG has a booth at this event! Our partner Pixel Play brought in there arcade console for display at our show as well. You can get more information here

We heard that this could be the last STGCC in Singapore. Next year, the same show will be rebranded as Singapore Comic Con which we thought could be a better name for this event. The event is happening now at Sands Expo from 8 to 9 September 2018.