Rimi Nishimoto’s (voice of Ushigome Rimi in BanG Dream!) Interview

Are you a fan of BanG Dream!? If so, you must not miss the upcoming Japan Park Singapore (JPSG) 2018 held on the 4th and 5th of August. The popular Poppin’Party band is performing live at JPSG! All the band members will be here in Singapore except drummer Ayaka Ohashi.

Before we finally get to enjoy their music live in Singapore, we manage to get an exclusive interview with Rimi Nishimoto who voiced Ushigome Rimi, the bassist of Poppin’Party.

Nishimoto Rimi provides the voice of Rimi Ushigome. ©BanG Dream! Project ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved

[GameTrader.SG (GT)] How has becoming a Seiyuu changed your life?

[Rimi] My life has completely changed because before becoming a voice actress, I was very a shy and simple girl from the rural part of Japan. Now, I perform in front of people as an actress and musician, I give energy to the people with my performance. I am still trying to become a great artist that can really inspire people.

[GT] Could you share with us how did you started with Voice Acting? Were you scouted or you applied for the role?

[Rimi] I started when I auditioned for a new group in an animated series called Milky Homes. I actually wasn’t selected but they remembered me playing the guitar during the audition. When they were putting together BanG Dream!, they contacted me to be part of the show.

[GT] We love BanG Dream! What do you enjoy about being part of BanG Dream providing the voice of Ushigome Rimi?

[Rimi] My character Ushigoma Rimi is a very girly and feminine character. She’s very adorable and I really enjoy playing her as she’s very cute. Rimi loves eating chocolate in the anime, which is very similar to me, as I love chocolates!

[GT] We also heard that you are into games! What are the recent game titles that you have played and enjoyed?

[Rimi] Nintendo Switch’s Splatoon 2! I am constantly playing that.

©BanG Dream! Project ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved

[GT] Who were you inspired by or what anime inspired you to be one?

[Rimi] I love Angel Beats, which inspired me to be a voice actress. As for who’s my inspiration as a voice actress, I do not have anyone in mind.

[GT] Lastly, any upcoming development for BanG Dream! or Poppin’Party that you would like to share with us?

[Rimi] On 11th of July, Poppin’Party will release our 10th single called Double Rainbow, along with a new song, 最高 (さあいこう)!. Also, Poppin’Party will be performing in a ticketed event in Shanghai on 21st of July called “ビリビリマクロリンク” at the Mercedes Benz Arena.

(C) JPSG2018

Catch the live performance of Poppin’Party at this year’s Japan Park Singapore 2018.

Read more about the event at our previous post.


Japan Park Singapore 2018

Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Halls 403-404

Date: 4th and 5th August 2018


Facebook: JapanParkSG

Instagram: @JapanParkSG

Japan Park Singapore 2018 – bringing Japan to Singapore

Credit © JPSG 2018

Come 4th August, The first inaugural Japan Park Singapore will be held at Suntec Convention Centre. If you like all things Japanese, this is a event that you would want to go. 47 Prefectures of Japan, covering travel, food, technology, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and trends will be there at Japan Park for you to see, experience and taste.

From left: Mr Tomotaka Takahashi (inventor), Ms Rimi Nishimoto (voice actress),  Ms Misa (emcee) and Mr Haruhiko Miyano (organiser of JPSG) Credit © JPSG 2018

Some highlights of the show include:

• Poppin’Party from BanG Dream! will be performing live on the Omakase stage

• Performance by Ukon Nishikawa, renowned Japanese traditional dance performer

• Live performance by sumi (ink painting) artist, OKAZU 

• Appearance by pro-wrestler, Jushin Thunder Liger

• Stage performance by singer, Kiwako Ashimine

• Joseph Schooling will be making an appearance as well

• Exclusive culinary dishes by Keisuke Ramen, Bistro Ryu, Fukuyoshi and many more!

Credit © JPSG 2018

For the foodies, the WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa will feature some of the best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore. From Ramen, to Wagyu Hamburg Steak, some of these items will be priced below $10.

Credit ©BanG Dream! Project ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved

Charaexpo Mini is another highlight of the event for the game and anime fans. There will be games corner for visitors to try and also voice actors and actresses whom you can meet. Bushiroad’s BanG Dream!, Love Live School Idol Festival and Cardfight!! Vanguard will also be featured at Charaexpo Mini.

If you are a fan of the popular anime BanG Dream!, you will be happy to know that Poppin’Party will be performing live at the event itself!

Sales of Early Bird ticket starts on 16 June at www.apactix.com.


Japan Park Singapore 2018

Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Halls 403-404

Date: 4th and 5th August 2018


Facebook: JapanParkSG

Instagram: @JapanParkSG

Read on for our exclusive interview with Rimi Nishimoto who provided the voice of Ushigome Rimi in BanG Dream!

Tokyo Pokemon Cafe Review

The new permanent Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo is a must visit for anyone who loves the Pokemon Franchise. As mentioned in our previous post, the cafe is not available for walk-in and advance reservation must be made. Check out our guide here if you want  to make a reservation.

How to get there

The Pokemon Cafe is located in the Nihombashi Takashimaya East Wing on level 5. The nearest station is the Nihombashi Metro Station. If you are taking JR instead, Tokyo Station would be the nearest. There is a special elevator that will take you up all the way to the Pokemon Cafe. Here is the Google Map link.

You should be facing a lift lobby with lots of Pokemon mural. Just take the elevator to the 5th floor and you will be at the Pokemon Center. The cafe is just right beside it.

If you take the metro to Nihombashi Metro station, exit B2 or B1 will take you directly to Takashimaya. However, that is the main building which you will have to take an elevator to level 8 where there is a bridge to connect to the east wing level 5.

The Experience

Photos. Take tons of them at the Cafe. Every nook and cranny of the cafe is littered with Pokemon plushies, poster, figurine and more. Instagrammable moment at every turn. Be sure to check every corner of the cafe because behind that pillar maybe a cute Pikachu statue that you can take picture with.

There are some freebies that the staff will give you throughout your time at the cafe. For a start, we are given Pikachu stickers while queueing up to enter the cafe.

Upon entering the cafe, a face-down placemat at each seat will be there waiting for you. Each placemat has a random Pokemon. If you wish to keep it, place it in your bag so that food will not get onto the placemat and dirty it later.

There will also be a small game you play on the iPad to get a coaster. Each drink ordered is entitled to one game. Basically, you get to choose between eight cards. The card that you choose will determine what Pokemon coaster you will get. We manage to get two Pikachu coasters!

The cafe is also filled with merchandise to purchase. From pikachu plates to mugs and plushies, you can easily spend quite a bit on the merchandise itself. Leave some time after the meal to do it.

The Food

The menu is fairly simple with not that many choices for mains. Pikachu takes the center stage. Three out of the five mains are Pikachu themed. Ordering it through an iPad which luckily comes in multiple languages such as English and Chinese.

We tried four mains; the Pikachu Cabonara, Pikachu set, Eevee’s Burger set and the Pikachu curry rice. The food was served relatively quickly and plating is almost identical to the menu. Much effort has been given to the appearance of the meals but the same cannot be said for the actual taste. Having tried many Japanese food for the past few days, the cafe’s Pokemon food is fairly expensive and not as tantalizing. But bear in mind that this is common for most theme cafe. The price has the experience baked in as well.

For some of the food items, you can choose to add-on the merchandise that comes with the food. For example, paying an additional 1,200 yen will get you the Pikachu plate that was used to serve the Pikachu set. Of course, the actual plate that is used will not be the one that is given to you. You will get a ticket for the items and at the end of your meal, you will collect it from the counter. Do remember to collect them in case you forget.

Pikachu Appearance!

Just like in Disneyland where a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse is the highlight of the trip, Pokemon Cafe has its very own Pikachu meet and greet session as well! So do not rush through your food and leave before the grand entrance of Pikachu. Decked in a cook outfit, this Pikachu mascot will perform a small dance with maximum kawaii (cuteness) overload. If your seat is at a corner of the cafe, do not worry too much. Pikachu mascot will come to all corners of the cafe to perform its little dance as well as handshaking with the patrons.

Unfortunately, taking picture with Pikachu is prohibited. You will not be able to stand beside the mascot and have a nice picture taken. So try your luck to get yourself in a picture with Pikachu at the background if you can.


Maximize your time.

Do note that you have only 90 minutes for you time slot so be sure to maximize you visit. Our suggestion is to take a look at the menu beforehand via this link. This way, you need not waste time looking through the menu.

If you are having a course of main and dessert, placing your order earlier will give you more time for the dessert later. Once you have placed the order, walk around the cafe and take some pictures while everyone is still busy looking at the menu and deciding what to eat. You will have minimal photobomb experience that way.

At around 30 minutes into your timeslot, a staff will come out and start to announce the arrival of Pikachu. Get your camera ready at this point for Pikachu special appearance!

Visit Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center is just right beside the cafe. Be sure to check it out for more Pokemon merchandise. The Pikachu plushies from the cafe is available at the Pokemon center as well. There are many more Pokemon plushies in the Pokemon center that you can take home with.


Make reservation a month in advance to ensure you will get a seat. Seats go out pretty fast. You can check out our guide here. Also, one of the best time to go is the 10:50am slot. This is the time with the less people and the most energetic Pikachu mascot. Also, you can have a the meal as a brunch saving you some money. If you are coming for the 10:50am, please note that Takashimaya is only opened at 10:30am, so coming earlier only results in you waiting for the gate to be opened.


The Pikachu Cafe, I mean Pokemon Cafe, is highly recommended by us. Though it requires reservation, it is actually worth the effort. Reservation does not require any upfront payment so it is fairly straightforward. Do not expect great food but expect great experience and photo moments.