Physical Comex 2022 and mask off!

Comex 2022 / GG PlayFest

1st – 4th September 2022 at Suntec Convention Center Level 4

It has been close to 3 years since we had a physical electronic show in Singapore. Before COVID, there were usually 4 of such shows held annually at locations such as Suntec and Expo. We used to complain that there are too many similar IT shows in Singapore. But after 3 years, going for one really felt refreshing! It’s like a long lost friend that you finally meet!

Comex 2022 is an event that you can attend without face mask (legally)!. Beyond the laptops and electronics, here are somethings that have caught our eyes.

GG PlayFest

A section of the show is dedicated to gaming. GG PlayFest brings you E-Sports and Gaming gears all in one place. And if you are a fan of Rurusama, catch a glimpse of her at her booth right at the end of the hall.


Blockchain, NFT, POS, staking. If all these terms sound foreign to you, you might want to read up on them and get up to date with Web 3. Step into this zone to learn more about Web 3 and speak to some of the companies working on this forefront technology.

Buy now pay later model for NFTs

Cute Keyboards

Might not be super practical for work or school but definitely fun to look at.

BYD Electric Car

Not exactly a car show but I guess electric car can be considered as an electronic? Albeit one that you will need to cough up SGD 100k COE first in order to buy one. Do check out this booth if you are interested in BYD electric car. Besides driving it, you can get to feel the vehicle for yourself before deciding to buy one.

Funky chairs

After learning that the co-founder of Secretlab, makers of the famous gaming chairs, had bought a good class bungalow for $36 million, the boss of Osim probably thinks it is a good idea to go into this space as well. Osim’s booth features a Transformer theme uThrone with hand and back massage capabilities. Perfect for a pit stop if you are tired.

There are more

We don’t have time to cover everything in the show. If you miss a good old physical “IT Show”, head down to Suntec from 1st to 4th Sep 2022 and relive the days before COVID 19!

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