C3 Anime Festival Asia 2019

Anime and manga fan will know about this event. Happening now from 29 Nov (Fri) to 1 Dec (Sun) 2019, C3 AFA 2019 will bring you all things related to Japanese Anime and Manga culture. From cosplayer to games and merchandise, there are just so many things to do and see. Here are some of the things to look out for:

Pop Team Epic Shrine

Get your fortune told at the Pop Team Epic Shrine! Just scan a unique QR code and check out your fortune. I’d fortune telling is not your thing, simply take picture with their Tori gate and tell your friends you are in japan.

Takashi Nations Booth

Gundam fans be sure to visit the booth to see a 4m tall Gundam model. Besides that, you can also see the many new toys and figurine offer from Takashi Nations.

AFA PLAY stage

Something new this year is the play stage where you can watch gaming competition. Games include One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows and Disney Tsum Tsum festival. You can also sit down and play some PlayStation games in their comfy bean bag.

Walk down a manga gallery

Ever wonder what does a manga artist do to get you your manga? Walk down the manga gallery to learn more. Presented by Manga Plus.

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Do you know Pac-Man is developed by Namco? The same company now called Bandai Namco Entertainment is still making games till today. You might have already played some of their titles before. At their booth there is a few notable games to try. One Punch Man: Hero Nobody Knows is a fighting game featuring different classes of Heroes in the famous One Punch Man series.

There is also Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris for you to ‘dive’ into the wonderful virtual realty world.

Tsum Tsum fans can also try out the Tsum Tsum festival game for some multiplayer fun in the Nintendo Switch.

Anisong Karaoke at WACAVA booth

At the WACAVA booth you can get a chance to perform karaoke anisong on stage complete with your own audience! This is not just for fun but WACAVA is actually holding real audition to discover the next anisong singer. Be sure to sign up if you have what it takes or simple sign for fun!

Akiba Stage

Music, Guest Cosplayer and dance performance. This is the place to be for pure energetic events. Check out the stage schedule below

BanG Dream Girls Band Party – A new ANIPLUS cafe at Esplanade

A brand new ANIPLUS cafe is opening on the 29 Nov 2019 at The Esplanade Mall Unit 01-13C. The theme of the cafe from now till mid Jan 2020 will feature BanG Dream Girls Band Party. Besides food inspired by multimedia project, there will be exclusive merchandise for you to purchase at the cafe. Be sure to visit them!


This is the day where people wouldn’t judge you (as much) when you dress up as your favorite character form the 2D world. Even if you are not a cosplayer, coming to AFA and seeing everyone in cosplayer is quite an experience by itself. Remember if you want to take photo of the cosplayer, do seek permission.

There are also guests cosplayer including Enako from Japan who is dubbed Japan’s no. 1 cosplayer!

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