GameStart 2017 – Every Game You Can Imagine, It Is There.

Main Stage of GameStart 2017

Board game, card game, console game, retro console game, mobile game, indie game, VR game or any type of games you can think of, you can find them at this year GameStart 2017. Let’s take you through a tour of the highlights at this year GameStart 2017.

Bandai Booth

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The much anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ has previously received many positive reviews from media when the trailer was first released at E3 2017. It is touted as one of the most faithful adaptation of the anime into game.

The game itself looks as promising as the E3 trailer. At times, you would even think you are watching the anime. The queue to try out the game was constantly long but it was definitely worth the wait especially for the Dragon Ball fan.

Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人)

Taiko no Tatsujin game was also available for visitors to try out at the Bandai booth.

PlayStation Booth

The biggest booth of all, a multitude of PS4 games were opened up to everyone. If you tried out all four booth, you can get to win a small token prize much like this year IT Show 2017 PlayStation Booth.

PlayStation Booth

Get behind the wheels of Gran Turismo Sport in a futuristic Tron-like pod.

Gran Turismo Sport

By now, most of you might have tried out PlayStation VR before. We tried out Farpoint VR. While refreshing to try out a FPS on PlayStation VR, the combination of running and shooting in the VR world was too much for me to take. After a 3 minutes gameplay, I’m already feeling dizzy.

PlayStation VR

Doujin Market

Another of our favourite was the Doujin Market. There are many great artists in Singapore. There is where we can support them by buying their work. Rachta Lin is one of artist whom we really like her work and her works were  available at this year GameStart

Doujin Market


SEA Mobile Major

There are two main stage for the eSports lover. SEA Mobile Major took place at one of the stage featuring ShadowVerse. Mobile gaming has indeed come a long way in eSports from the days of Angry Birds.

At the other stage, players battle each other at many popular fighting game such as Street Fighter V, Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite and Tekken 7.

SEA Major 2017

Hitting the groin is allowed in the world of eSports!

SEA Major 2017

Tabletop Game

A huge area was dedicated to tabletop games. Even if you are not a fan of tabletop games, you can just check out some of the impressive miniature models in games such as Warhammer.

And of course there are many fun-loving cosplayers at the events itself that makes the whole experience even better!

FF XV Cosplayers


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