Selling tips for seller!

Are you having trouble selling your games? Here are some tips that we would like to share with you:)
First of all, register with GameTrader.SG and start posting you games (ok…that is obvious)!

Now for some real tips!

1. Pricing:
Buyers are mostly price-sensitive. Copy of the same game don’t really differ much from each other if they are from the same region. Therefore, you need to set a reasonable price for your games to attract buyers.

For pre-owned games, the pricing would definitely have to be lower than the brand new games for obvious reason. To check out the current price of a brand new game, you can either visit any game store and ask or simply go online to game store websites where such prices are usually published. Some of these stores also sell pre-owned games. Benchmark your own price against theirs. Google ‘buy pre-owned PS3 games’ will return you a lists of game stores selling pre-owned PS3 games online for example.  Ok for the few who don’t wish to manually google, just click here.

Alternatively, you can simply search GameTrader.SG for the game you are going to sell and look at the price other people are quoting.  Games that are sold will still be on our website and you can use it to gauge the price you should put for your game.

Our GameTrader.SG platform has an option for you to indicate whether your price is negotiable. By indicating that your price is negotiable, you may be able to attract bargain buyers. However, do note that you might also attract buyers who think you are desperate and may give unreasonable prices for your games.

Last of all, prices of games do fluctuate! After posting your game, make sure you update your price accordingly to the market price (ways to obtain the market price is described above). The rule of the thumb is that games get cheaper as they get older. To update your price on GameTrader.SG, simple go to “My Profile”, select the game that you wish to change the price and click the ‘Edit’ button.

2. Information:
To entice buyer to buy from you, it would be good to include a description of the game. For example, you can add information like ‘disc is scratched free’ or ‘game is a week old’ etc. The region of the game would be useful too especially for PS3 games where games with different region code may vary slightly. For PS3 games, Gametrader.SG allows you to specify the region whether it is R1, R2, R3, R4 or even R5. 

Furthermore, if your game has additional bonus such as unredeemed online content or comes with some free  gifts, do put them down in the description. This will enable you to differentiate your game from other sellers’.

3. Adding an image to your game post
When posting your games on GameTrader.SG, you should add a game image to your posts. Humans are usually more attracted to visual cues than boring texts. Having an image will subtly increase your chances of selling. GameTrade.SG allows you to either upload your own photo or simply just select an image from Google image search for those who hate uploading images.

4. Making the deal
Most of the time, the collection method of the games are by meet-up. Buyers and seller may have different places that are convenient to them. As a seller, if you prefer to meet, say in the East, you can perhaps offer some discount if buyers are willing to accomodate your meet-up location. Alternatively, if you are willing to meet everywhere in Singapore, that will also be a great incentive for buyers to buy from you. You can also have special service such as delivering the game to the buyer doorstep with additional top-up.

For the other seller who might opt for postage to seller, you may want to consider sending a registered mail. While my personal experience is that non-registered mail is seldom lost in Singapore, it maybe better to registered your mail (of course at additional cost) to prevent dispute in case the mail is lost.

5. After the transaction…
Your relationship with the buyer need not end after the transaction. Most probably, the buyer may want to buy games from you again! If not, it doesn’t harm to make more friends anyway 🙂 . With many multiplayer games in the market, you can add your buyers as your PSN or Xbox 360 Live friend and start playing games together!

You can also ask your buyer to write feedback on your GameTrader.SG wall after the transaction. These feedback will help you to build up your reputation on GameTrader.SG.

That concludes our tips for seller! Hope it is useful to all your sellers out there!
We had about 642 games sold through GameTrader.SG platform as on 11th Nov 2010. We hope you can sell your game soon and add on to our lists of game sold! Good luck!:)

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