Mobile and console gaming line is blurred once again at a new level

With better graphics and greater proliferation of mobile and tablet devices, more and more people are finding themselves hooked onto mobile gaming. Furthermore the plethora of free-to-play (not free) game are release almost everyday or week. Today we had our hands on Assassin’s Creed Pirate on an iPad Air.

The mobile experience redefined

Gone are the days where graphic on console is superior to the sprite graphic on mobile. Assassin’s Creed Pirates (ACP) boosts wonderful graphic comparable to that of last-gen PS3 and Xbox 360. Although PC and Console graphics are still superior, the gap is definitely narrowed. The beautiful rendered water and sunset in ACP will for a while make you lost in this new world that you can once only experience on PC and console. Of course, this is not the first game that boost wonderful graphics. Infinity blade series, FIFA and many other games boost similar quality. Console cycle is typically a few years. It will be a matter of time when mobile gaming overtake it in terms of graphical prowess. Oh and did I mention that I did not hear any noisy fan whirling typical of consoles and some PC?

No more on screen soft button

In the past, game ported from console to mobile is often perceived as inferior given that the latter almost always feature those weirdly place on screen soft button. ACP a on the other hand, while not a port over, greatly make use of the touch interface of a move device and incorporate it into the game smoothly. Drag and swipe to steer your ship, tap and hold to fire cannon of your ship. Such actions are no performed by soft button of up, down, left and right. You can even pinch and zoom to get different level of perspective when you are on board your pirate ship.

Free-to-play but not free

ACP a is free-to-play. It is a free download on the iOS AppStore. The entry barrier to playing this game is almost zero with the exception that you need to first get an smartphone or tablet. While game is free to download, there is an option to buy coins with real money to give you an head start in the game. Mobile gamers are very used to ‘free’ games, however economic 101 tells us that the developers would still have to be paid in some way. Thus far, in app purchase seems to be the best way for this developer. Of course such trends has created some rogue developers who build games aiming at maximising revenue. The true spirit of building game to entertain and challenge players may be place in the back seat in some of the free games we see today. In ACP, while in-app purchase exists, we still find the game truly enjoyable.

What’s next for PC, Console and Mobile gaming?

PC and Console games have been consolidated. Today most games are published on multiple platforms cutting across the PC and consoles realm. Of course, there exists some games like Metal Gear Solid and Destiny that are strictly for consoles. However, these day may be short lived. Coupled by the strong competition in mobile gaming, the 50-99 dollars console game that you need to purchase may not be as attractive any more compared to the zero dollar mobile game.

Here at GameTrader.SG, we would love to see console gaming evolved to a new stage. The current generation of consoles of better graphic maybe losing its luster. We need something interesting and revolutionary to get people back to console game.

2 thoughts on “Mobile and console gaming line is blurred once again at a new level”

  1. i would consider the competitor of mobile game goes to the handheld – this is why the development of Sony handheld platform from partial online PSP to online only PSP go – and the failure of such marked the milestone of both online and offline PS Vita.

    To the simplest conclusion, mobile platform and handheld are non-exchangeable. The nature of the two are just disparate – imagine when you play Battle field offline on a 50″ TV, or play it online with a 6″ hand phone. some games are just impossible to be cross platform. recall the epic fail of AC series on NDS and PSP, although AC liberation on PSV is an unexpected turn around, it is in turn the best illustration of the above when it got published on console and PC. on the other hand, the best selling hand phone game puzzle and dragon would just not be this successful if it was first published on handheld – have you played some best of PSP, if it had a touch screen, which you don’t need to touch the D-pad or sticks afterall? Actually, if they are possible to merge, Nokia would have become the giant of both hand phone and handheld gaming.

    it would be the same for household game console with the mobile platform. the purpose for mobile, handheld and console are just non-overlapping. check the market share of the three, and you would be surprised how many of us own most of those, if not all, separately.

    1. Hi meaningless, thanks for your comment. Agree that Handheld is also one of the strong competitors of mobile games. However, not everyone will want to invest in a handheld whereas everyone (almost) needs a mobile phone.
      Agree too that some games like Battlefield does not work well on a 6″ handphones. How about airplay-ing or mira-casting to a bigger TV screen from your mobile? Of course, the drawback will still be the lack of physical buttons. I love smashing button. Soft button on screen just doesn’t work for me.

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