Super charge for ACG (Anime, Cosplay, Game) events in SE Asia

If you like the yearly Anime Festival Asia and GameStart, you will be happy to know that the organizers of both events have just announced their strategic alliance. SOZO, the organizer of the popular regional Anime Festival Asia, will team up with Eliphant, organizer of the much-loved GameStart, to bring about greater offering for anime fan and gaming fan in Singapore and SE Asia.

What it could mean for us?

We are big fans of both AFA and GameStart. Over the years, both events have constantly get better and bigger. We have always wonder, wouldn’t it be nice to have a AFA plus GameStart event for both the Anime and Gaming fans? Cosplayers from both camps can meet together and it would be so much fun to see the two communities coming together. With this announcement, we can expect this year AFA to have a greater emphasis on gaming such as Esports and GameStart to have more manga/anime exhibitions and activities. “Southeast Asia emerges as one of the fastest growing markets for gaming and content, we recognised that both AFA and GameStart audiences have diverse interests in both gaming and anime. With our partnership, we hope to work closely to bring even more exhilarating content and holistic experiences to both fanbases across the regions,” said Shawn Chin, Managing Director of SOZO and founder of Anime Festival Asia.

Also we can expect more events in the South East Asia region. For a start, GameStart will be expanding to Indonesia this year, its first foray into Indonesia with the support of SOZO. “We are extremely excited to be able to bring our event to various regions, with the support of our partners. We are determined to support the regional gaming industry, especially in esports and game development. We are positive that our partnership will provide more events and enable us to bring awesome content to both gamers and anime fans, ” said Elicia Lee, founder of GameStart Asia and CEO of Eliphant Pte Ltd.

We hope that with the alliance, we can see more ACG events in Singapore and the larger SE Asia. This announcement is definitely good news for many who enjoyed gaming and anime. We will be on a lookout for what both SOZO and Eliphant have in store for us this year.

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