Partners of GameTrader.SG are reputable game shops that we work closely with. Unlikely other sellers, they usually have better deals and are more trustworthy.

GameTrader.SG is a free website for all gamers in Singapore and we intend to keep it that way. However, due to the rising cost of maintaining the site, we need funds to run as well. Game Shop Partners are people who power GameTrader.SG financially. They are reputable and credible Game Shops in Singapore that help us run the entire operation. Being a shop partner helps local SME like GameTrader.SG. We truly appreciate these partners and work very closely with them.

So if you are a game shop or planning to start one on your own, why invest in a website of your own? The cost of developing and maintaining a website could be a pain and maybe costly. By being our partner, you get priority listing whenever our member search for an item of interest. This ensure you get maximum exposure. We can customize your profile page to include information on your shop too. It is like your own virtual shop front.

We partner with physical game shops in Singapore. The e-commerce world could be quite daunting to tackle on top of managing your own physical store front. By working with GameTrader.SG, you can get exposure for your shop and get customers to start patronising your store.

As a shop partner, these are the benefits:

  1. Low cost of creating and maintaining an online shop
  2. Priority listing in our search results for maximum exposure
  3. Official Partner Badge to make your post stand out against the others
  4. Unlimited Posting
  5. Free technical support
  6. Personalized Virtual Shop Front
  7. Leverage on our search engine optimized site so potential customer can reach you via search engine like Google

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