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GameTrader.SG is an established name in the gaming community in Singapore since 2010. Since then, we have enabled more than 40,000 games and consoles transactions. With a membership of around 16,000, you stand to reach out to this dedicated group easily when you advertise on our website. Contact our sales representative now at

Partnership Program

If you are a game shop or planning to start your own, why invest in a website of your own? The cost of developing and maintaining a website could be a pain and maybe costly. By being our partner, you get priority listing whenever our member search for an item of interest. This ensure you get maximum exposure. We can customize your profile page to include information on your shop.

More information can be found here.

Media Partner

We are happy to partner with event companies that are holding game or technology related events. We will cover your events on our blog.


This is where we write about our latest opinions/reviews of games, consoles and technology as a whole. We also attend events in Singapore all year round to bring you the latest news for events in Singapore. If you are keen in having your article publish on GameTrader.SG, drop us an email at