Retro Sega Megadrive (Genesis) controller for Street Fighter 4

I miss the days playing street fighter on my sega genesis. Fighting on the screen (and off the screen) with my cousins and brothers. Seeking to further reminisce, I dig out my old sega genesis controller and was thinking of ways to use it for Street Fighter 4. The feeling of hitting buttons ‘a,b,c’ and ‘x,y,z’ to throw a light or heavy punch comes back when I used it to play the new Street Fighter 4.

For those interested in how I did it, please continue to read else enjoy the video:)

The sega genesis game controller has a serial port look-alike which tempted me to plug it into the serial port of my PC. Unfortunately it does not work! Connecting the old school Sega Megadrive controller to my PC is not as straightforward as what I have thought to be.

The pinout diagram is actually totally different from the serial port of the PC. Instead, I have to connect the controller port to the parallel port. This require sacrificing an old parallel port cable from my old printer and some soldering. Finally, I found a driver online that can drive the controller, and it works!

OLD SCHOOL ROX (just because I am getting old now, haha)!

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